Coaching clients who responded to the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study reported positive coaching impacts including:

• Improved communication skills.                                • Increased self-esteem/self-confidence
• Increased productivity                                                  • Optimized individual/team work performance
• Improved work/life balance                                        • Increased well-being
• Improved business management strategies         • Expanded professional career opportunities


- I was able to better identify personal and professional goals and priorities with Luke's clever questioning. Through the techniques used by him, I was able to make significant moves towards my goals, one week at at time. 

- He really helped improve my performance and awareness of my potential. I am very satisfied with the results. 

- Thank you Luke, I came out many meetings with a huge weight off of me! 

- Luke has been a great help during a time of a major life transition for me. He helped me to redefine my priorities.

- I was able to very quickly identify what was causing me dissatisfaction. It was really amazing because I was not able to identify it but after a couple meetings I found it myself. 

- I found Luke as a couch through a referral.  I was pretty stuck in how I has going to approach a big decision. He help me get through that rut and I changed my thinking. 

- Mr. McClure is fantastic. He helping me work though and towards a significant goal. He helped me get a lot of clarity. I know what to do know and how to approach it.  

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